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Offgrid Solar Installation

Click on the link below to go Montana Solar’s site as we are the featured project! https://www.mtsolar.us/project/collins-controls-bellvue-co/ This 6.84kW Montana Solar Ground Mount array is coupled with an existing roof array. The total combined PV exceeds 13kW of Power! This system will feed an Outback Nano Carbon battery bank with a 1900 Amp/Hour capacity. This […]

Warranty Repairs Performed By Factory Trained Technicians

Generac is able to offer a 10 year factory warranty that includes all parts and labor for that entire term! Call today and ask us about the details. I tell customers that Generac wouldn’t offer these extended warranties if they were losing money. They are able to warranty their generators because they have dialed in […]

Professional Preventative Maintenance by factory trained technicians! Call today to get on our service calendar!

Annual Preventive Maintenance performed by factory trained technicians is essential to keep your standby power system performing properly. At Collins Control & Electric, all of our technicians are trained by Generac to maintain, service, and repair their generators. More then just a simple service, our technicians adjust the valve lash and double check the operation […]

Power Assurance For Local Business

Our team at Collins Control & Electric successfully installed a 150kW Liquid Cooled Generac generator for Gallegos Sanitation, our local waste management company. This system backs up their entire maintenance bay, as well as, their entire office building. In the case of a power outage, they can continue business as usual, saving GSI and their customers […]