Rolling Blackouts and Disruptions in Power on the Rise

I’m sure you have probably found yourself sitting in the dark thinking, “This has to be happening more and more lately.” Well, you wouldn’t be wrong. According to the department of energy (DoE) the number of “electrical disturbances” in 2020 was 383. Up from their finding in 2017 at 150. That is more than double, with the current trend we can only expect more.

With the inefficiency of the national grid, and the probable decades that it will take to get it to where it is 100% reliable. The options are pretty simple, remove myself from the grid of have a back up for when the lights go out.

While I breakout my portable generator on camping trips it does me little good when my lights go out. I always end up wrestling with the dilemma, at what point do I need to move the refrigerator and start up the portable. When its cold and snowing that debate become all the more harder.

With a full home generator I wont have to worry anymore. The the power goes out and it just clicks back on. Plus now with Generac’s home monitoring system and the world opening back up to travel. I can monitor my home on the other side of the world. the rest of the neighborhood may be in the dark but I rest assured knowing my home is covered.

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