Off-Grid Generator Rides Again


generator and solar for off-grid electric serviceA generator with a solar system brings electric service to off-grid living.

Gary Packard is one of Collins Control & Electric’s off grid customers. He has a 4.2 KW/hr solar system with a bank of batteries to power his home.  A Kohler 17RES backup generator charges the batteries when the weather is not sufficiently sunny.  On normal days, the solar power is enough for two days of use, but on overcast days in December, January, and February the generator is on more frequently. This system makes the Packard household energy independent.



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Solar Power Electrical Service for the Innosphere

This is the new solar parking structure our crew just completed at the Innosphere building on East Vine Street, Fort Collins. The array which also serves as covered parking produces 17.9 kW of electrical energy. On average, this array creates enough energy to fully power 2.5 average size homes. [snivo]

Solar Install : Panels also Shade Cars

Solar Panels Create Shady Parking Spaces

As a Fort Collins electrical contractor we take pride in supporting innovation and startups.  Notice that the solar power goes into the building rather than baking the cars.

7.095 kW Residential Solar PV System in Greeley

Residential solar install offsets most of this home's electricity needsCompleted in late 2009, this family wanted to make the most of their PV friendly roof. Their system consists of 33 REC Solar 215 Watt panels offsetting approx 85% of the households needs. An area was left open to be filled with Solar Hot Water panels. We were pleased to provide our electrical contractor expertise to this project.

This family knows the strength of the sun!

9.6 kW Commercial Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system in Berthoud

Solar array on a commercial building outputs 9.6 kW

This system consisted of 48 GE Energy 200 Watt panels, designed to offset more than 1/3 of this business’ electrical usage.  Xcel Energy and Federal Tax Incentives covered approximately 66% of the cost!

Collins Control & Electric specializes in electrical contractor services for commercial solar power installations.

Custom Fabricated Solar Array Structure

Custom solar array install on a custom frame. CC&E Electrical Contractors go well beyond electrical services

Collins Control & Electric is finishing up a unique installation, design/build project, with beetle kill lodgepole pine which were recycled from the property, treated and reassembled to create the PhotoVoltaic solar array.

We are more than electricians.  In many cases we perform the full install of the system including the electrical service, panels, mechanical installation.  Then we help you obtain the available rebates to save you money.

Net Zero Home Solar Electrical Installation

Solar Home with solar arrays.

We have found it challenging to integrate this photo-voltaic system into the over all design of this refurbished 1960’s net zero residence. The architect and owner are pleased with the outcome.

We enjoy the challenges presented by electrical upgrades and remodels because it lets us showcase our creative electrical contractor skills.