Loveland Church Improves Worship Experience by Modernizing its Lighting

electrical contractor lighting in church sanctuary

The Good Shepherd Church in Loveland has been in operation for 30 years.   Pastor Rob Strouse came  in 2009 and decided to modernize a number of areas.  One that immediately came to mind was improving the lighting to create a more vibrant worship environment and save energy.   There were many old fluorescent fixtures that had never been updated.

  • The first project was the updating of the lights in the offices, halls and classrooms. been updated.
  • The second and more extensive project was the retrofit of the lighting in the auditorium where services and events are held.

Learn more about the results this church achieved with this lighting upgrade by downloading this success story.

Comanche Reservoir Generator Engine Replacement

A little while ago, we went up to the Comanche Reservoir area to replace the engine on a generator. It was so remote that snowmobiling was our transportation of choice.  Collins Control & Electric enjoys a challenge when delivering electrical contractor services.  Even when it involves spending time in Northern Colorado’s beautiful outdoors.
Here are some pictures from our little adventure:

Loaded up and ready to sled in.
Ready to sled in with Generator

Arrived on site with the motor
Arrived safely by snowmobile with the motor

Out with the old, in with the new

Out with the old generator

Disassembled generator ready for reassembly
Disassembled Generator
Job complete
Generator Job is complete and ready to provide electrical service for this house
Loading up for the sled out
Loading up the generator, electrician, and electrical supplies for the trip back.
What a fun electrical contracting adventure!

Breeze Through Car Wash Beautiful Electrical Installation

Breeze Through Car Wash with Beautiful Electrical Installation

Free Vacuums!

Nice pipe work guys!   As an electrical contractor, we take pride in neat installation. The electrons probably don’t know the difference, but the person maintaining the system later on will appreciate it.

Electrical Contractors with tidy conduit habits.

The Motor Control Center for this highly automated electrical control system.

Electricians Plan Fort Collins Car Wash Upgrade









Tony, Trevor, Josiah and Nick talking over the day’s plan.   We pride ourselves in great communication between our team members, partners and most importantly you, our client as we deliver high quality electrician services.

Local Quarry Electric Service Change

Nick and Bill finishing up a large service change over. It’s Friday, a beautiful Colorado morning, we’re doing the electrician work we enjoy best! Life is Good!