Odell Brewing Co. Got A New Centrifuge System

Here are some photos of a recently completed project at Odell’s Brewing Company…  Collins Control & Electric highlighted its skills as a flexible electrical contractor.  We worked well with the project manager to figure out the design and implementation requirements.

Odell Centrifuge is just one of our Industrial electrical contractor projects.

The new room houses a new centrifuge system designed to greatly enhance Odell’s Brewing process. CCE installed the general power and lighting for the room,  power to the 75 h.p. motor and the control wiring for the entire system… It is up and running and the results have been very satisfactory.

Odell Engine and Electrical Wiring

Odell Electrical Panel and wiring is a work of art by an experienced electrical contractor.

Industrial projects like this are one of our strengths.  We can begin from a specification and complete the design, or work from your complete design.