Warranty Repairs Performed By Factory Trained Technicians

Generac is able to offer a 10 year factory warranty that includes all parts and labor for that entire term! Call today and ask us about the details. I tell customers that Generac wouldn’t offer these extended warranties if they were losing money. They are able to warranty their generators because they have dialed in the engine design over years of fine tuning through listening to and responding to their customers and dealers.

When a warranty to issue arises, we are proud to be able to respond quickly. Our factory trained technicians are knowledgeable and also have a direct line to Generac tech support. With our powers combined, there is no adverse generator situation we can’t overcome.

These guys are replacing a motor in a stand alone, off-grid EcoGen 15kW Generac generator. Generac has the longest and most inclusive warranty for their stand alone generators on the market. Our guys drove an hour and a half, completed the repair, tested and approved the system, and made it home for dinner! Good job guys! Way to make life better for our customers.