Generator and Solar Specialists

Standby Power Systems

When the electric utility has an outage, your home or business is vulnerable.   All vital home and business systems such as heating, air conditioning, sump pumps, medical equipment, depend on electricity.  Complete standby generator systems keep your home, business or farm operating through power failures.   Our generators switch on automatically when a power failure is detected, and return to utility power when the emergency is over.    We install complete systems including all the generator, electrical service, plumbing and support.   We are the Generac Power Pro Elite dealer in Northern Colorado.  Learn more about  Generators.

Generator Maintenance and Service

Generators require periodic maintenance to be at their best when an emergency strikes.  We provide expert periodic maintenance, repair service and Generac Warranty service.   We also offer maintenance and repair of other generator brands.    Learn more:  Generator Services

Solar Energy Systems

Off-Grid Solar Energy

Many of our residential customers want to live independently of the grid.  There is great satisfaction in living a sustainable, self sufficient lifestyle.   Our specialty is bringing together entire off-grid systems including solar, battery banks, and an EcoGen generator for a system that keeps you powered every day of the year.

Grid-Tie Solar energy

Collins Control and Electric has installed grid-tie systems since 2005 for residential and commercial customers.    We offer integrated systems including solar panels, inverters, batteries, and controllers.

Our expertise in electrical contracting ensures that the complete systems are properly designed and implemented for best performance.   We tilt away from complexity and toward robust systems that work in Colorado’s challenging, high altitude environment.

We also service solar energy systems that were installed by other companies.

Learn more about Solar Energy Systems.

A company you can trust

Collins Control & Electric, Inc. has been providing innovative electrician services to Colorado homeowners and businesses since 1980.  Our distinctions are creativity, innovation and flexibility as we listen to your requirements and deliver high quality systems.  We always strive to give you the solution that fits your needs, not more.   We enjoy our craft, and keep our skills on the leading edge.  All our work conforms to the electrical code and includes licenses and inspections for your peace of mind. 

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