Generac Power!

This Generac generator was installed to provide backup power to vital services. With this new Generac product line, we can bring emergency power of up to 250 Kilowatts to local municipalities and small businesses. At Collins Control and Electric you will find the expertise of generator professionals combined with the power to offer turn-key installations.

Emergency Rated Backup Power!

Combined with factory trained service technicians, our team can maintain and monitor your new generator.

As the Generac warranty provider for Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming, our technicians can guarantee that your generator will do its job. We also have real time monitoring of all the generators in our fleet which allows lightning fast response times in the event of an emergency.

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Generac Generator installed by factory techs.

This Generac generator was installed on the Eastern plains of Colorado. This resident experienced more frequent outages for longer periods of time. To ensure security and peace of mind, they installed a whole home backup generator.

Prepared for the Storm!

By having Collins Control and Electric size and install the proper generator, you can rest assured that you and your family will be prepared for the next power outage. A whole home backup generator will protect your family from extended power outages which can cause loss of food, heat, and internet!! Safety and security is included with a Generac whole home backup generator.

Our electricians are trained in Eagle, Wisconsin at the Generac factory. Factory training ensures that your generator is sized and installed properly and has local support. As a Generac warranty provider, you can rest assured that we will be there for the life of your generator. All Generac generators are made in the USA and come with up to a 10 year extended warranty.

Worldwide Headquarters! Made in the USA!

All we do at Collins Control and Electric is Generac generators. Call or email today to have one of our representatives reach out to you and answer any generator related questions. Peace of mind is included with all our generator installations.

Offgrid Solar Installation for Colorado Lodge!

Building the array at ground level


Ready to lift!



Upward and Onward!



Completed 6.84kW of PV

Completed 6.84kW of PV!

HourGlass Reservoir, Colorado.

This 6.84kW Montana Solar Ground Mount array is coupled with an existing roof array. The total combined PV exceeds 13kW of Power! This system will feed an Outback Nano Carbon battery bank with a 1900 Amp/Hour capacity. This system is backed up by a Generac EcoGen 15 kW generator. This offgrid system has 2 Outback Radian 8kW inverters.

This PV upgrade will offer Power Assurance to this beautiful lake side lodge. CCE and the homeowner can monitor this system from anywhere in the world with the OpticsRE available through Outback. The Optics system makes this Offgrid system available for necessary adjustments year round eliminating the need for a site visit to tweak the system’s programming.

Warranty Repairs Performed By Factory Trained Technicians

Generac is able to offer a 10 year factory warranty that includes all parts and labor for that entire term! Call today and ask us about the details. I tell customers that Generac wouldn’t offer these extended warranties if they were losing money. They are able to warranty their generators because they have dialed in the engine design over years of fine tuning through listening to and responding to their customers and dealers.

When a warranty to issue arises, we are proud to be able to respond quickly. Our factory trained technicians are knowledgeable and also have a direct line to Generac tech support. With our powers combined, there is no adverse generator situation we can’t overcome.

These guys are replacing a motor in a stand alone, off-grid EcoGen 15kW Generac generator. Generac has the longest and most inclusive warranty for their stand alone generators on the market. Our guys drove an hour and a half, completed the repair, tested and approved the system, and made it home for dinner! Good job guys! Way to make life better for our customers.

Professional Preventative Maintenance by factory trained technicians! Call today to get on our service calendar!

Annual Preventive Maintenance performed by factory trained technicians is essential to keep your standby power system performing properly. At Collins Control & Electric, all of our technicians are trained by Generac to maintain, service, and repair their generators. More then just a simple service, our technicians adjust the valve lash and double check the operation of the automatic transfer switches. From Air-Cooled, to Liquid-Cooled we maintain Generac generators all over Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. With our preventative maintenance agreement, we send you a detailed service report with professional notes after services are rendered. Keep these with your files to ensure alignment with the manufacturer’s warranty. Let us offer you peace of mind and power assurance by taking this task off of your to do list. Call Collins Control & Electric today to get on our service calendar.

Another day in the office!

Professional Valve Adjustment!

Power Assurance For Local Business

Our team at Collins Control & Electric successfully installed a 150kW Liquid Cooled Generac generator for Gallegos Sanitation, our local waste management company. This system backs up their entire maintenance bay, as well as, their entire office building. In the case of a power outage, they can continue business as usual, saving GSI and their customers time and money. Let Collins Control & Electric show you how we can offer you power assurance. Contact us at 970-484-8696.

This back up power system requires two 400 Amp fully automatic transfer switches. One switch is for the maintenance bay, and one is for he office. Our team is able to install these so that they activate simultaneously!

Purrs like a kitten!

Initial start up and commissioning!

Off-Grid Generator Rides Again


generator and solar for off-grid electric serviceA generator with a solar system brings electric service to off-grid living.

Gary Packard is one of Collins Control & Electric’s off grid customers. He has a 4.2 KW/hr solar system with a bank of batteries to power his home.  A Kohler 17RES backup generator charges the batteries when the weather is not sufficiently sunny.  On normal days, the solar power is enough for two days of use, but on overcast days in December, January, and February the generator is on more frequently. This system makes the Packard household energy independent.



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Modern Lighting Enhances Historic Logan County Courthouse and Saves Taxpayers Money


The Logan County Courthouse is a beautiful historic landmark in Sterling, Colorado.   It was dedicated in 1910 and has been undergoing a multi-year renovation.  As part of the renovation, it was discovered that decorating the grounds cost $8200 per holiday season.   To alleviate this, permanent exterior lighting was added to enhance the beauty […]

Loveland Church Improves Worship Experience by Modernizing its Lighting

electrical contractor lighting in church sanctuary

The Good Shepherd Church in Loveland has been in operation for 30 years.   Pastor Rob Strouse came  in 2009 and decided to modernize a number of areas.  One that immediately came to mind was improving the lighting to create a more vibrant worship environment and save energy.   There were many old fluorescent fixtures that had never been updated.

  • The first project was the updating of the lights in the offices, halls and classrooms. been updated.
  • The second and more extensive project was the retrofit of the lighting in the auditorium where services and events are held.

Learn more about the results this church achieved with this lighting upgrade by downloading this success story.

Solar Power Electrical Service for the Innosphere

This is the new solar parking structure our crew just completed at the Innosphere building on East Vine Street, Fort Collins. The array which also serves as covered parking produces 17.9 kW of electrical energy. On average, this array creates enough energy to fully power 2.5 average size homes. [snivo]

Solar Install : Panels also Shade Cars

Solar Panels Create Shady Parking Spaces

As a Fort Collins electrical contractor we take pride in supporting innovation and startups.  Notice that the solar power goes into the building rather than baking the cars.